Meet GSEA 2016 Global Winner Tom Charman

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2020 will be the first year that a national GSEA has competition will have been run in the UK. It’s crazy considering the competition has been going for decades and runs in 56 countries. But that didn’t hold back Brit 🇬🇧 Tom Charman from winning the global competition in 2016!

How did he do it? He entered a European competition that ran that and ended up winning the European finals in Berlin, going on to present at the global finals in Bangkok. And he won it! 🇬🇧

Tom has kindly offered to talk to us and open the competition day on 16th January to tell us a little about his entrepreneurial journey, from GSEA to today.

Tom has spent the last few years building NAVA, a company aiming to build a contextual understanding of consumers before matching people with venues that have the highest compatibility to them based on specific interests. This is achieved through the use of a hybrid recommendation engine that infers an understanding of a user and their preferences based both on their in-app interactions and how they compare to other users.

Tom helped take the company through Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence accelerators.

Prior to NAVA, he built a data analytics company, which led to him giving a TEDx talk on the ‘Future of Technology’, focusing specifically on Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

Tom studied Economics at the University of Exeter and completed an international year of studies in Germany as part of his degree.