Keynote – Secure your business future in a fast changing world

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Building a business is comprised of a series of evolutionary cycles and transition points. Longevity and sustainability comes largely through a business developing the ability to constantly evolve people and systems throughout this journey.

Mark’s talk will explain the various stages of the business journey in detail and will provide guidance on the focus, strategies and mindset required to transition from a start-up to a sustainable high value enterprise.

An engaging keynote speaker, Mark is sure to engage the audience in dialogue and deliver thought provoking insights whatever stage your business is at.

Mark is the MD of EQuIP Business which helps its clients build fit-for-future organisations and grow both their profits and their business valuation over the short, medium and long term.

Following a 15-year career in Talent Acquisition as a business leader and owner, Mark moved into management consulting and more recently business coaching.

Since 2008 he has worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes in the UK and internationally enhancing performance by working with individuals and teams developing mindsets, capabilities and systems.

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