Judge Announced – Jamie Macfarlane

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Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Creator Fund the first pan-European student venture capital fund, training student investors to invest in student-led businesses.

Jamie is offering the winning student a direct one-to-one interview and subject to the success of that meeting, they will be accelerated to Creator Fund’s final Investment Committee meeting with the opportunity to gain investment of £30,000 in their company. They will also get feedback on their pitch and advice for the finals in South Africa. 

Jamie started Creator Fund after studying at Stanford Business School, where he helped run a similar model and witnessed firsthand its impact in encouraging student entrepreneurship in the USA. Prior to that, Jamie was a democracy activist, working with the democratic opposition in Cambodia to take on one of Asia’s longest lasting dictatorships. He also worked in corporate strategy for WPP and opened their first office in Myanmar. Jamie has a Double First Class degree from Oxford University.

You can reach Jamie at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiemacfarlane/