Finalist: Matthew @ Embrace the Waste

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Matthew is studying Anthropology at Durham University while running the startup Embrace the Waste.

Embrace the Waste is committed to reducing food waste, and does this through a service connecting food retailers that produce food waste with consumers who want this food at a discounted price, all whilst raising money for charity through the sale of the food. At present, Embrace the Waste runs at Durham University and a few businesses in the Durham area, yet this is only set to increase with the continued growth of Embrace the Waste.

In a country where hundreds of millions of meals are thrown away each year, millions of people struggle to afford to eat, and the charity sector has seen major cuts in the last decade, Embrace the Waste aims to tackle all three of these issues, while creating a society that helps to fight climates through embracing the waste.

Embrace the Waste promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 12- Responsible Consumption and Production, by alleviating the large-scale waste that arises from our food production technology, and UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 13 – Climate Action, by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that arise from food waste.